Graphic Kreations, LLC

Founded: May 2012

Owners: Shawn and Jamie White

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We can help you transform your business and become more marketable by making you stand out above the competition. 


At Graphic Kreations, LLC, our goal is to help you with your personal and business needs. Whether you are looking to apply a unique design to your household items or wanting to change the look of a vehicle, Graphic Kreations can help you design a whole new look. We use several different materials including wrap vinyl, die-cut vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, and sublimation.  From business cards to semi-trailers, we can help.

We started our business in 2012 to foster Shawn's love of graphic design and wrapping vehicles. Since beginning we have expanded to encompass many different areas of business marketing and personal custom products. We work with our customers to design a product that is beautiful, functional and uniquely yours.